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My name is Rob Huelsman and I started No Slip Floors Ohio to introduce an amazing line of products and services to the Dayton, OH area...

Interlake Chemicals is a Canadian based company that has been in the Sure Step Non-Slip business for over 20 years. I am one of many Sure Step Non-Slip distributors all across North America and Europe.

I encourage you to make an informed decision

Research No Slip or Non-Slip products or treatments as I did. You will not find any product or treatment that is superior to Sure Step No-Slip. This treatment works and I CAN PROVE IT!
I will personnally demonstrate to you, in two minutes, that a tile or bathtub treated with Sure Step Non-Slip is less slippery when wet.

Sure Step Non-Slip

Makes floors and tubs safer and healthier.


With certain steps and obstacles,an unfamiliar environment could cause dificulty with slipping or falling.


Slower reactions can be an unfortunate cause of many slip/fall accidents, particularly when walking on a wet floor.


Restricted movement or vision can result in the increased possibility of a fall.


We've all experienced a slip at some time or another. And it always comes as a surprise... we can never seem to be too carefull.

• Lawsuit avoidance and risk management.
• Compliance with the ADA, (Americans with Disabilities Act).
• Employee and customer safety.

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