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Non-Slip Bathtub Treatment...
The ultimate alternative to bath mats!

No Slip Floors Ohio | Dayton,OH | Non-Slip Bathmat Alternative

No Slip Floors Ohio offers reliable Non-Slip Bathtub Treatment service in Dayton, OH..

Are you disgusted by dirty bath mats?

Are You tired of cleaning them?

Have you ever stepped into a slippery bathtub and started to lose your footing and had the feeling of your life flashing before your eyes?

I have personally treated numerous buthtubs in my career. My business is highly regarded for responding quickly to provide cost effective solutions for slip and fall accedents in any bathroom. All of my services are designed to prevent potential health hazards. In this case the potential problem could be deadly. I am dedicated to customer service that ensures customer safety.

Many of my customers come to me because they have become frustrated at using anti slip bath mats or stickers, which are time consuming to keep clean and mold free.

Non-Slip Bathtub Treatment eliminates the need for bath mats or stickers. Bath mats are unattractive and collect mold and mildew. They can be difficult to remove from the tub surface and could cause a back injury in the process. Then how do you clean it? A scrub brush and harsh chemicals? How much time are you willing to spend cleaning a bath mat? Imagine how much a hotel owner spends on cleaning and replacing bath mats...

A Sure Step Non-Slip Bathtub treatment is an invisible, long-lasting and cost effective method of preventing slip and fall accedents in the bathub. A treatment takes about 20 minutes and will never peel, chip or discolor your tub.

Tile bathroom floors are also a hazzard. Putting a throw rug down is not the best solution. A throw rug also collects mold and mildew and will have to be cleaned. A throw rug can also be a trip hazzard.

A Sure Step Non-Slip tile floor treatment is suitable for kitchens, and entry ways as well as bathrooms. It is not a coating or etching and will never peel chip or discolor your floor.

Let No Slip Floors Ohio provide your Non-Slip Bathtub Treatment today.

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