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No Slip Floors Ohio provides the best non-slip floor treatment in the Dayton, OH area. This State-of-the-art treatment is just as effective outdoors as it is indoors. I have applied this chemical treatment on countless occasions and the results have always been fantastic. The non-slip process is designed to avoid falls and accidents. My team will provide this service for the residential and commercial community. The no-slip treatment is affordable and extremely effective. I specialize in this service and no one provides it better.

I am personally involved in every application of the non-slip treatment on flooring and tubs in the Dayton, OH area. It is also very effective on hard mineral kitchen floors, patios, and more. The elderly and handicapped are more apt to slip and fall on a wet floor or slippery bathtub. This treatment is effective on all hard surfaces and will leave behind nothing but an invisible tread design that eliminates slips and falls. It will never chip, peel, or discolor any surface. The floor or tub can be used immediatle affter treatment. It is the solution to slippery when wet.

At No Slip Floors Ohio my focus is on quality. I want to provide non-slip treatment that enhances safety and saves my customer money in the long run. This treatment is good for a year on flooring and up to 5 years on porcelain and enamel bathtubs. Some of the hard surfaces it works well on include:

• Concrete • Quarry Tile
• Spanish Tile • Ceramic Tile
• Glazed Brick • Marble
• Terrazzo • Porcelain/Enamel
Imagine a non-slip surface that eliminates slips and falls for your home or business in the Dayton, OH area. This treatment greatly reduces the possibility of legal liability in the business and makes the home safer for children, the handicapped and the elderly. I provide the sure step non-slip treatment-installation, slip & fall prevention my customer deserves. Make my business the first and only choice for non-slip treatment.

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